Oasis | Some Might Say by Michael Spencer Jones


Limited edition artwork for Oasis’s first number one single release Some Might Say. Shot on location at Cromford Station, Derbyshire. Photography and hand colouring by Michael Spencer Jones.

This surrealist photograph was inspired by Noel Gallagher’s lyrics. Michael recalls “Noel had wanted a visual interpretation of his lyrics and had suggested the photograph be taken at a busy railway station – Manchester Piccadilly was proposed but I wasn’t keen on the idea. I thought it would make for a more interesting shot if I could find a station that was not in use, with a set of characters waiting for a train that would never arrive – the platform could act as a stage. After a couple of weeks of intense reccying I found the perfect location – Cromford Sation in Derbyshire. I took the photograph in black & white and later hand coloured it to create a more surrealist effect. It’s one of my favourite Oasis covers”

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