The Verve | Urban Hymns by Michael Spencer Jones


Photographed in Richmond Park, London by Michael Spencer Jones using a Carl Zeiss 15mm fish eye lens. The shot came about through some happy accident.

Michael recalls ”On the day of the shoot It was quite awkward because when I arrived at the park to do the shoot I found that another photographer had been booked to photograph them as well. He was setting up his lighting equipment but was taking far too long, and so tired of waiting, The Verve decided to go and sit down and enjoy the scenery. I happened to glance over and noticed that it was the first time in months that the Verve appeared relaxed (the recording of Urban Hymns, though extremely productive, was an intense time for them), so without a thought I went over and grabbed the shot whilst they were still unaware. The band loved the image and decided it should go on the cover.”

Available for the first time as a fine art limited edition print.